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Ye Cronies
Annual General Meeting
Thursday 6th October 2023

The year's Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom as a virtual meeting. We appreciate not all Members will be able to attend this meeting and so we ask that they complete the below form to register their apologies and place their votes in support of the Committee elections by proxy.

AGM Apology

I wish to register my apologies for the Ye Cronies 2023 Annual General Meeting

Alistair Dickson
proxy vote
Hugh Campbell
Secretary / Treasurer
David Cameron
Committee Member
John Nevett
Account Examiner
Chris Wilson
Concert Director
Jamie MacDougall
Nominations for Election

In my absence, I would like to place the following votes by proxy.

Account Examiner
Iain Grimmond

Thank you.

The Club Secretary will register your apology

and proxy votes in the AGM Minutes.

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