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Ye Cronies had a far fetching network of contacts in the late 19th century, and regularly invited esteemed members of the British musical scene to join them at a Cronies event.


One such special guest was Sir August Friedrich Manns (12 March 1825 – 1 March 1907), a German-born British conductor who visited Cronies in February 1891.


Manns had moved to England after serving as a military bandmaster in Germany, and became director of music at London's Crystal Palace in 1855. Over the next forty years, Sir August is believed to have performed the works of more than 300 composers, and had given more than 12,000 concerts!

Sir August’s connection to Glasgow was through the Glasgow Choral Union, where he directed their orchestral concerts for thirteen consecutive seasons, and we can only assume he met members of the Cronies through this venture, most likely via our Musical Director Montague Smith who himself was conductor of the Glasgow University Choral Society.


The Club notice regarding Sir August’s appearance warned members that they expected a large audience. So impressed by the Cronies entertainment, Sir August returned in December 1893 with several members of his orchestra whereupon he was made an Honorary Member of the Club.


Three years after visiting Ye Cronies, Manns became a British citizen, and in 1903 was knighted.


Unfortunately just 4 years later Manns passed away, just short of his 82nd birthday, and was buried at West Norwood Cemetery in London.

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