Ye Cronies Constitution

Our Constitution can be downloaded via the following link:

  1. Name

    1. The name of the Club shall be “Ye Cronies”

  2. Purpose

    1. The purpose of the Club is to provide musical entertainment to its members, usually but not exclusively, on the last Thursday of each month commencing October each year through to the following March.

    2. To provide funds where appropriate, to financially assist artistes during the course of their studies.

  3. Membership

    1. The Club shall comprise 200 Ordinary Members or such other numbers as the Members in General Meeting shall from time to time agree. Ordinary Members may vote at any general meeting of the Club.

    2. The Committee may appoint Honorary Members at their discretion and on the basis of the Committee’s appreciation and recognition of services provided by such member. Such Honorary Member shall have no voting privileges and shall not be counted towards a quorum of the Club membership. Such member is not required to pay any subscription.

    3. Any candidate seeking membership of the Club shall make application in writing to the Secretary along with the names of a member proposer and seconder, to whom the candidate must be personally known, and sent to the Secretary. The Secretary shall enter the name of the said candidate and others in order of their respective applications. Members shall be admitted only on a majority of votes of those members of the Committee present at an ordinary business meeting of the Committee.

    4. All Ordinary members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Club and share in its responsibilities. It shall include support of its purposes and constructive contribution to its programme and activities. No member shall be entitled to privileges of the Club until his subscription has been paid.

    5. Each Ordinary member is expected to attend at least three of the musical evenings during the period October to March. The Committee may remove such member for his failure to give the Committee a satisfactory reason for their continuing absences. Such member shall be entitled to represent themselves at any meeting to discuss this issue and to present their reasons for such failure.

    6. Each member is encouraged to introduce guests to the Club’s musical evening dinners.

    7. Each member shall intimate to the Secretary any change to their contact details. They consent to their contact details being made available to other members.

    8. All notices sent to a member’s last known address, whether postal or email, shall be considered as duly delivered.

    9. Unless a member has intimated in writing to the Secretary that they do not wish their address, telephone number and email address disclosed to other members, they shall be deemed to have consented to such disclosure. The Secretary may disclose such consented information to any other member upon request given by such member in writing or by email. Any such information is to be regarded as otherwise confidential and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

    10. Any member guilty of ungentlemanly conduct, or having their subscription overdue for a period of three months will be liable to censure or expulsion on a vote of the majority of the whole Committee and any such member shall ipso facto cease to have any interest in or right to the funds or property of the Club.

    11. The business year of the Club shall commence on 1st July of each year and end on 30th June the following year.

    12. The annual subscription due by members shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the Club which shall be held in October of each year and shall be intimated to each member immediately thereafter.

    13. The quorum for any General Meeting of the Club shall be 15 per centum of the ordinary Membership.

  4. Committee

    1. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee whose numbers shall comprise not more than ten including the officers referred to in 4.2 hereof.

    2. The Officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer

    3. The Committee may appoint other officers of the Club but not members of the Committee including, by way of example, a Concert Director and Musical Director.

    4. Members who wish to be considered for election to the Committee shall declare their interest in writing to the Secretary not later than fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting and in the event that there are more applications than vacancies an election shall be effected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

    5. The President and Vice-President shall retire at the end of a period not exceeding two years’ service and shall not be re-elected to the Committee until one year thereafter has elapsed. The Vice-President shall be eligible for election as President at the end of their period of service. Ordinary Members may serve up to a period not exceeding three years and shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office for a period of one year after retirement.

    6. Any Officer of the Club may resign provided that any such resignation be made in writing or by email and delivered to the President or Secretary. Unless such resignations is by its terms effective on a later date it shall be effective on delivery to such Club Officer and no acceptance by the Club shall be required to make it effective. Any Officer of the Club may be removed from office at any time with or without cause by a majority vote of all active Ordinary members, present and voting at a general meeting of the Club.

    7. The quorum of any meeting of the Committee shall be 6. Any business conducted shall be decided on a majority vote. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the vesting vote.

  5. Duties of Officers

    1. The Club President is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the Club. He presides at meetings of the Club and the Club Committee, appoints all sub-committees and has general supervision of the operation of the Club.

    2. The Vice-President is responsible for supporting the President in his duties and to provide a vote of thanks at the Club’s concert dinners.

    3. The Secretary is responsible for the Club records and correspondence, retains custody of the Club’s Constitution and all other records and documents of the Club: He keeps an accurate record of the meetings and activities of the Club and the Club Executive Committee, maintains an accurate and complete roster of individual members of the Club including the address, email address and status of each individual member. The Club Secretary provides notices of meetings as required by the Constitution giving at least fourteen days notice. All notices or motions by any members should be given in writing to the Secretary not less than fourteen days prior to any general meeting including the Annual General Meeting.

    4. The Treasurer is responsible for effecting Club financial policies, procedures and controls. He receives and disperses with the approval of the Club, all Club funds and keeps an accurate account of all transactions. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to the Club annually and the Club Committee quarterly and upon request. The books of the Treasurer shall be examined annually by two ordinary members not being members of the Committee.

    5. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined in one and the same person.

    6. The Committee has the power to agree an appropriate honorarium for the Secretary and Treasurer from time to time.

    7. The Committee shall discharge all business of the administrative affairs of the Club and shall consider all matters concerning the welfare of the Club. All actions of the Committee shall be submitted to the Club at its Annual General Meeting.

  6. Winding Up

    1. In the event of the winding up of the Club, any remaining assets after all liabilities have been discharged shall not be paid or transferred to any member or members of the Club, but shall be transferred to an organisation whose objects are similar to those of the Club and whose rules preclude the distribution of income and assets among its members. This shall be decided by a majority of those present and attending at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.

  7. Miscellaneous

    1. The foregoing rules may be altered or added to at a special meeting of the Club called for that purpose on a requisition of not less than ten members at the Annual General Meeting and in connection with which fourteen days notice will require to be submitted to the Secretary. A simple majority of those present and attending shall be sufficient for any such alteration or addition. In the event of an equality of votes the President shall have a casting vote.

    2. In the event of two or more Club Constitution amendment proposals presented to the same meeting by Members, which the President determines to be in conflict with each other, only the proposal receiving the highest majority of votes shall be adopted.

    3. All rules of the Club and addenda thereto insofar as not coinciding with the rules contained herein, are hereby revoked.